How to Choose a Mirror That's Perfect for Your Wall

by Pallavi Wadan

When choosing a mirror, there are several factors to consider: shape, size, and material. However, the effort is worthwhile because mirrors not only reflect light to brighten your home, but they also give the idea of additional space. The correct mirror on your wall may breathe fresh life into your entire area. Because mirrors only reflect what is in front of them, choose your wall carefully. The projection becomes a part of your space. So keep reading to learn how to select the right mirror that suits your home.

Before You Go Shopping: When it comes to designing a room, the proportions of the space and the items that decorate it are everything, and mirrors are no exception. Mirrors can be used as a focal point or as a useful accent in a room's wall decor strategy. In either case, you'll need to know how much space you have to work with. As a result, the first step is to measure the available space where you want to hang a mirror. Make a map of the wall, taking into account the size of any furniture that will be placed below the mirrors, such as buffet tables, as well as the distance between the mirror and any windows, doors, or light fixtures. When planning the wall decor, keep in mind any fixed shelving or electrical outlets that will need to be worked around. It's a good idea to gather as much information as possible before making your decision.

Types of Mirrors:

  • Dressing mirrors: Because they're designed to offer you a full-length reflection, full-length mirrors/dressing mirrors are long and narrow. These can either be hung on the wall or stand-alone.
  • Wall mirrors: Wall mirrors are intended to be mounted and come in a variety of forms and sizes to fit any room or function.
  • Mounted Mirrors: These mirrors help out by illuminating artificial light. They're ideal for the room's darkest corner.

Types of Appearances:

Simple: A traditional gold-rimmed round mirror will never go out of style. It goes well with graphic artwork, modern ceramics, and other polished accessories, making it a fantastic addition to vignettes. It may also bring out the warmth and beauty of darker wood tones, so if you go this way, pair it with rich wood console tables and cabinets. Hang or lean one against the wall on top of a console in a living room when it comes to styling.

Modern: A huge mirror with a thick aged driftwood frame will add a rustic, maritime feel to your decor. Consider a traditional wood mirror in a striking geometric shape for enhanced visual appeal. It has a classic streamlined aesthetic with an edge. Furthermore, the beauty of modern mirrors is that they can be used with both contemporary and more relaxed decor. Pair it with a modern cabinet or a worn wood console for a great look. Copal Wall Mirror is a great example of a modern mirror. A must-have item and one-of-a-kind addition to your home's decor.

Formal: These mirrors are large geometric-shaped mirrors. A wood frame adds the perfect amount of flair. They have a way of giving a trendy display a feeling of structure and symmetry, so if you want a more polished look, this is the way to go. Rope & Circle Mirror is a wonderful example of this type of mirror. It looks great in any space, whether it's above your bathroom sink or in your foyer.

Choose a Shape That Is Right for You.

As you may have guessed, types and appeal play a significant part in the definition of any place. It can set the tone, emphasize what's already there, or create the illusion of something else. A long horizontal shape will help sweep your attention along a long line, emphasizing width. As your eye looks up, a tall vertical shape will draw attention to the height. An angular shape, such as a square or rectangle, will aid in creating a restrained and tidy appearance. Depending on the design of the frame, choose a rounded or curved frame for a gentler or even whimsical effect.

Mirrors can be used to attract a visitor's attention in a foyer or to brighten up an area with limited natural light. Any area can benefit from the addition of light and style provided by a well-placed mirror. Hopefully, the above suggestions will assist you in finding the mirror you desire. For more information, contact us.