A Cozy Boho Living Room Makeover

by Dreamhost

The living room is one of the most enjoyable and vital parts of your house. And, a cozy one is indeed full of fun. That’s what calls for a Bohemian design or primarily about finding and using the colors and other design elements with a suitable balance.

Boho design or decoration means vibrant colors, heart-touching prints, some beautiful furniture, etc. But that’s not all about a proper Bohemian design. A beautiful Boho design will provide you with numerous scopes to implement your creativity in it. The prime objective should be to maintain the appeal and inner reality of the design.

Dandylion Home is renowned for its massive collection of products over a wide range of requirements in home design. Our professionals have summarized the most crucial aspects of a cozy Boho living room makeover.

Consider Adding Furniture With Warm Color

One of the most efficient ways to add a Boho feel to your home is by adding some statement furniture. Some best ideas for it are -

  • A statement sofa in warm colors. (e.g., Burnt orange)
  • Some indoor plants.
  • A large framed mirror.
  • Rattan Ottomans.
  • Side Chairs.
  • Furniture pieces with ancient designs.


All these or at least some of these together can indeed add the Boho touch to your living room.

Add Woven Baskets To The Wall

You can anytime consider woven baskets as some beautiful yet economical decorative pieces. Some baskets made from sisal and jute, an ancient-looking coffee table, or a jute rug are the best options to add to the wall for a Boho look. You can expect them to add some beautiful neutral tones for a well-balanced Boho design.

Throw Pillows and Rugs on The Floor Are Also Part of The Design

Sounds odd? What do throw pillows have to do with Bohemian design? Well, they have a massive role here. Large and small throw pillows have a good connection with a traditional bohemian living room design. The throw pillows with botanical prints, textured upholstery, and colorful weaved fabric are the missing pieces in the free-spirited vibe of the bohemian design. Let that spectacular design get accompanied by some beautiful neutral-colored rugs.

Sparkling Fairy Lights and String Lights Will Look Great

One of the best ways to add some dynamic decoration to anything is by adding some cool lights. String lights and fairy lights are the best options for a Boho design. You can add them to various places, such as across the roof, over light curtains, or even around windows. The prime quality of a Boho design is that it must be as natural as possible. Hence, choose warm string lights over colored lights to maintain that natural Bohemian dreamy effect in the living room.

Prioritize Textured, Colorful Upholstery

We may be making you bored by mentioning colors repeatedly. But, you must know that the prime factor of Bohemian design is colors. And, no one can deny the right upholstery, the best way of adding colors to any room. Hence, use your creativity and artistic vision to find a few vibrant cushion covers, rugs made of natural fabrics (like cotton), etc. Also, keep the curtains light & airy that lets a lot of light enter. And, for some DIY ideas, use old clothing and use your creativity to create some stunning Bohemian upholstery.

Add Bohemian Artworks

A very crucial aspect of any interior design is adding beautiful artwork. It adds life to the decoration. However, Bohemian paintings should mostly be abstract yet soothing. Also, consider adding some vases, sculptures, and some other accents related to Bohemian philosophy.

Here are some efficient ideas to add a nice Boho look to your living room. However, to get the best accessories to add a breath-taking look to your home, contact Dandylion Home now. Also, check out our blogs for more designing ideas.